What is digital marketing? The digital sector refers to any job that is related to working within products and services in digital technologies, which includes online advertising across mobile, video and display. From booking a holiday to ordering your weekly shopping, we are doing a lot more activities online. This means that brands need an online presence to survive, and as a result, employers are ploughing big bucks into online resources to support their digital activities. As consumers, our attention spans are getting more and more fragmented as the number of channels and devices we engage with continue to increase. To give you an idea of some of the data - 

38% of all consumer journeys involve more than one channel
90% of all people switch screens to complete their task

Due to this consumer behavior, marketers have to ask themselves: How can we begin to understand each individual? How can we engage the right person, with the right message, at the right time, on the right device? What is the optimal way to connect with a consumer when they become aware of a brand, to when they complete a purchase? How can we use the right data and automation of technology to create efficiency and scale around converting online users to customers?

The digital industry works hard to answer these questions.  It is truly an exciting place to be – one that is innovating so quickly that there is always something to be done! The ecosystem of new devices, technology platforms and data access is growing exponentially. When you play a role in this industry, you'll constantly be learning and picking up new skills every day. For the ambitious young job seeker, it's a fantastic environment to excel in.

Do you like the sound of the digital sector? Would you like to get your career started in this exciting and ever evolving industry? Are you talented, passionate, and ready to work hard?  Keep a lookout for the next application opening period later this year for the 2018/19 cohorts.